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An ongoing inspiration for many people, Max was born on June 30, 2001. He was diagnosed with stage IV, high-risk neuroblastoma in October 2004. He whizzed through frontline treatment and by the following summer was effectively on the road back to a "normal" life - albeit with almost total hearing loss, a new immune system, and about 10lbs to gain back, all courtesy of Mr. Chemo.

Unfortunately, Max relapsed (as most high-risk NB patients do) in November 2006. Max fought bravely, entering a clinical trial in Vermont where he received nifurtimox in combination with other chemo agents. This combination diminished the disease until there was just one tiny spot still evident on his spine. But in February 2008 the beast came roaring back and we could never control it again, despite everything we tried. Max passed away on August 31, 2008 at 8:45pm in his mommy and daddy's bed.

Read more of Max's incredible fight.

For 2013, we partnered with our Arizona friends The Ronan Thompson Foundation and Grand Canyon University to bring the Run to Fight Children's Cancer to San Diego!

Since its inception in 2011, the Run to Fight Children's Cancer has raised $174,000 through three events in Arizona with over 5,000 participants. Proceeds from the race directly benefit nonprofit organizations that help children and families dealing with cancer. With the goal to expand and make this race available in more states, Grand Canyon University brought the run to California.

The name Ronan may sound familiar to you, as he was the inspiration for the Taylor Swift song of the same name that the singer/songwriter performed at 2012's Stand Up To Cancer benefit, which also went on to become a #1 single on iTunes. Co-written by Ronan's mom Maya Thompson, a fierce and fiery advocate for children's cancer funding, you can read a NY TImes article about Ronan, Maya, and Taylor here.

Max Run is Taking a Break for 2013 - Here's the Scoop!

That's right, there was Max Run in 2013. After the 2012 event, we took a step back and asked ourselves if we were fulfilling our mission effectively through the run - namely to (1) raise needed funds for childhood cancer research and treatments with an acceptable ROI for the money and time invested; and (2) raise awareness and engagement in the local community towards the cause of finding a cure for childhood cancer.

We felt that in both cases, we could do better and that doing better required a 're-set' to the run format and planning required. We have some great ideas and are fully committed to bring Max Run back in 2014 with an amazingly fun and unique experience for kids, families and adults of all ages and running skills.

We thank everyone for their understanding and support from prior Max Runs, and look forward to welcoming you to the starting line in 2014! Stay tuned and until then, keep on running and check out the pictures below from past years' runs!