An ongoing inspiration for many people, Max was born on June 30, 2001. He was diagnosed with stage IV, high-risk neuroblastoma in October 2004. He whizzed through frontline treatment and by the following summer was effectively on the road back to a "normal" life - albeit with almost total hearing loss, a new immune system, and about 10lbs to gain back, all courtesy of Mr. Chemo.

Unfortunately, Max relapsed (as most high-risk NB patients do) in November 2006. Max fought bravely, entering a clinical trial in Vermont where he received nifurtimox in combination with other chemo agents. This combination diminished the disease until there was just one tiny spot still evident on his spine. But in February 2008 the beast came roaring back and we could never control it again, despite everything we tried. Max passed away on August 31, 2008 at 8:45pm in his mommy and daddy's bed.

Read more of Max's incredible fight.

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Melissa Mikulak, Max's mom, co-founder of Max's Ring of Fire and producer of Touch A Truck San Diego speaks with KUSI's Dave Stahl a few days before the event.